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Adult "children" - Do they need legal documents?

One of my biggest concerns involves the lack of planning which exists for our children who have reached that "invincible" stage in life, from age 18 to 30, or so.

Those who get married at these ages do not think about wills, powers of attorney or advance medical directives until a child is on the way or has arrived. With respect to financial and medical decisions, they are better off than their unmarried peers as the spouse will largely be able to serve as a financial and medical decision maker. A guardian for the child, however, should be designated in a Last Will and Testament.

The unmarried ones over the age of 18 are essentially on a legal island. Their parents may no longer make medical and financial decisions for them and their partner, significant other or friend has no legal right to do so. This group really needs a Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directives. The alternative is to have parents, or other loved ones, spend many thousands of dollars to obtain a court order designating them as guardians of the person and property of the unmarried adult child.

This can be easily avoided. Let us help you.

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