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Serving Clarksburg

Clarke Law has served clients from Clarksburg for decades.  They include multiple generations of numerous families and many businesses which this firm helped form and which have thrived and become an integral part of the Clarksburg community.  Parents have ensured that their adult children, and ultimately their grandchildren, will benefit from their foresightful estate planning.  Plans have been made for the succession of businesses to family members and to non-family members.  Join the many in your area who have come to see us by making an appointment today.

Personal Message


I chose, a number of years ago, to refine the nature of my practice and to focus upon listening, advising and counseling instead of participating in the adversarial aspects of the practice of law...






"Mr. Henry Clarke has helped me personally and professionally.  He made me feel comfortable talking about tough issues..."


Dr. Jean E. Thompson


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